AMD goes to war with Nvidia over GeForce Partner Program

AMD goes to war with Nvidia over GeForce Partner Program

The two kings of the graphics card market AMD and Nvidia are in a war of words, again.

Earlier this year, Nvidia rolled out the GeForce Partner Program, nominally designed to make it easier for consumers to understand how its GPUs operate with other hardware from other brands. However, rival AMD sees things a bit differently; a recent report by HardOCP says that PC fans in the program are more or less incentivised to exclusively use Nvidia hardware.

Seemingly in response to this, AMD has published a blog post entitled 'Radeon RX Graphics: A Gamer's Choice', in which the hardware firm goes full Independence Day.

The post never once mentions Nvidia or any of its rivals, but it's clear an attack against the GPU market leader, with the hardware firm implying its tech like FreeSync and Vulkan will be improving things for all PC gamers and not damaging other brands.

"Our proud pastime of PC gaming has been built on the idea of freedom," CVP and GM of Radeon Gaming Scott Herkelman, said.

"Freedom to choose. How to play the game. What to do and when to do it. And specifically, what to play it on. PC gaming has a long, proud tradition of choice. Whether you build and upgrade your own PCs, or order pre-built rigs after you’ve customized every detail online, you know that what you’re playing on is of your own making, based on your freedom to choose the components that you want. Freedom of choice is a staple of PC gaming."

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