WholesGame launches games price comparison service

WholesGame launches games price comparison service

WholesGame, a website for buyers and sellers of video games in bulk, has announced the launch of its new market comparison service website.

The new site is at the open beta stage, and is known as the Wholesale Video Games Marketplace. Wholesalers will be able to advertise their stock on the new market comparison page. Websites already exist out for selling individual games, but the new market comparison site will be the first of its kind for those interested in buying or selling of wholesale games.

"This is a powerful tool for professional buyers of video games," Alex Schmidt, head of this brand new marketplace, said.

"It allows to track stock from different suppliers. Instead of going through many daily stock list emails from different suppliers, a buyer can just visit our website, search and find an item page, and it will automatically display the suppliers who have this item in their stock at that day, and the prices."

To use the service, sellers and buyers have to sign up. The premium service costs $29.99 per year, and gives access to lists of wholesale distributors, digital distributors, retailers, and average wholesale prices. There has already been a great interest in the site, with distributors from both sides of the Atlantic signing up, as well as thousands of buyers.

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