Unreal developers can get funding, development and marketing support via Epic Games and deal

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February 19th, 2018 Epic Games
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Unreal developers can get funding, development and marketing support via Epic Games and deal

The investment division of European internet company Mail.Ru has signed a strategic partnership with Epic Games to support and fund Unreal Engine 4 developers.

Under the agreement, Epic will work with’s Games Ventures (MRGV) branch to find potential development teams working across platforms to cooperate in the support scheme.

Successful partner studios, as curated by MRGV, will be able to apply for investment for scaling and developing games. These teams will also gain access to the division’s analytical data and tools, marketing services, data security tech and other services.

Epic will also have an advisory role on the technological aspects of games development.

As well as development support, Epic and MRGV plan to introduce new educational initiatives and events to share best practices in game development.

"We aim to give developers a competitive advantage, not only through Unreal Engine tools and technologies but also through strategic programs and partnerships designed to help them achieve their business goals," said Epic territory manager Mike Gamble.

"We are very pleased to come together with Mail.Ru Games Ventures to open up new revenue streams for teams creating fantastic Unreal-powered games."

You can find out more details about Mail.Ru Games ventures here.

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