It looks like Counter-Strike: GO is getting in on the battle royale craze

It looks like Counter-Strike: GO is getting in on the battle royale craze

It would seem that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting a new battle royale-esque game mode.

Credit goes to YouTuber Tyler McVicker, aka VNN, who put up a video (below) of information datamined from CSGO, which references a survival mode for the popular online shooter.

These include soundscape info, which as PCGamesN points out, means that this is well beyond the test stage and probably approaching launch. Meanwhile, VG247 also points out that these could just be useless files, which is also a totally viable option.

Valve would be the latest company to jump into the battle royale sector, following Epic Games, Crytek and Rockstar, among others. Last week, PUBG creative director Brendan Greene said that he wished games had better protection against copycats, echoing remarks he made to about whether or not he feels an ownership over the battle royale genre. 

The move to a battle royale mode, while not confirmed yet, does make sense. PUBG has totally dominated the PC games market this year, even overtaking Valve's own DOTA 2 and, yes, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in terms of concurrent players. There's in the region of two million players most of the time between PUBG and DOTA 2, which is insane.

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