Good Shepherd reports 30 per cent average profit for projects

Good Shepherd reports 30 per cent average profit for projects

Indie publisher Good Shepherd has revealed just how well its game releases are performing.

The firm reports that its portfolio of titles on average have a profit of 30 per cent after a year in the market.

Furthermore, the publisher says that every single one of its projects has been finished and released, with the majority being profitable within the first two years of launch.

That’s not all – Good Shepherd recently launched its brand new title Train Fever, which it says is the first crowd-financed game. This release was profitable within its first week, with investors earning more than 220 per cent in return on investment, or a 120 profit to date, with a further two years left on their investment term. 

“We’ve proven that individual investment in video game releases can be successful,” Good Shepherd director of corporate development Paul Hanraets said.

“What we offer is completely unique. We carefully manage risk and capital to ensure that the games make it through the hurdles of development, and only sign titles which have the potential to achieve success in a highly evolving market.”

Good Shepherd CFO Brian Grigsby added: “We recently rebranded, and our new name hints at our conscientious approach to managing investor capital. We work diligently to allow investors the opportunity to participate in a lucrative industry with an investment experience that is straightforward and fun. We want everyone to feel confident in his/her investment, make money, and end a project eager to invest all over again. Good Shepherd is built on nurturing long-term partnerships with both game developers and new game investors. For us to be successful, everyone has to win.”

Good Shepherd was originally named Gambitious, but the publisher rebranded ahead of Gamescom this year. In the process, the firm made some new hires, including Devolver co-founder Mike Wilson coming on board as chief creative officer and former Sony dev relations man Ben Andac joining as business and product developer. was lucky enough to talk to the team at Good Shepherd at Gamescom – that interview will be live on the site this week.

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