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Id vet Willits has joined Saber Interactive

Id vet Willits has joined Saber Interactive

Former Id Software studio director Tim Willits has been hired by Saber Interactive.

Willits announced on Twitter (below) that he joined the developer on August 1st as chief creative officer.

The Id alum revealed he was leaving the Doom creator in July, though details on where the 24-year vet would be going were not revealed.

He will be leading the creative vision for the company's five studios worldwide in New Jersey, St Petersburg, Madrid, Belarus and Liverpool. However, he will remain in Texas. As chief creative officer Willits will work with over 500 employees across all sites.

Saber Interactive is best known for World War Z and NBA Playgrounds. It is also handling the Witcher 3 port for Nintendo Switch.

"Being with a studio for 24 years, it's really hard to leave. It's almost like a marriage, for lack of a better description.... [But] I saw how Saber, as a team, was starting to grow and expand and pick up teams and studios. It was a good time to move over," Willits told Fortune

"At my age, you've got to work with people you like. You've got to work on fun stuff. I don't have anything to prove. I've been successful.

"I've made good games... At the end of the day, I'm literally going to travel around the world to cool as places to work with awesome teams and make video games."

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