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Novaquark hire Eve Online original designer to work on Dual Universe

Novaquark hire Eve Online original designer to work on Dual Universe

Novaquark has hired Hrafnkell Oskarsson, known for his design work on Eve Online, to work on their ambitious space MMO game Dual Universe.

AFJV reports (in French) how the projects share common traits and that Oskarsson and Novaquark want to work together to make a single-instance universe on a scale that has not been seen before.

Oskarsson’s knowledge of CCP fits in well with the project as Dual Universe is set to be a similar game to Eve. It is being designed as a vast universe where players determine what happens. They can build and edit anything they desire, including ships, cities, orbital stations and anything in between.

New empires

Novaquark’s founder Jean-Christophe Baillie talked to PCGI last year about the game, and Baillie had this to say:

"We think Dual Universe will see the rise and fall of several empires and the dawn of new virtual civilisations.”

“We want to bring the ultimate sandbox MMO to the market. Something that features the best of EVE Online and Minecraft and offers something new to players.”

“Dual Universe is a sci-fi sandbox game set within a continuous single-shard universe.”

The anticipation for the game is reflected in the funding that the game has managed to achieve. Last year it was announced that Dual Universe had raised an impressive $7.4 million, including $668,134 via Kickstarter.

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