PC Connects London 2019 - Meet the Speakers - Taewon Yun, Super Evil MegaCorp

PC Connects London 2019 - Meet the Speakers - Taewon Yun, Super Evil MegaCorp

Ahead of PC Connects London 2019 on January 21st and 22nd we are catching up with some of the big names that we have on-stage at the show.

Today, Taewon Yun, GM for global publishing at Vainglory maker Super Evil Megacorp, tells us about the importance of cross-platform play and what has changed in the industry since he started out. 

Tell us a bit about the company.

Super Evil Megacorp is a multi-award winning game studio with a mission to build the very best cross-platform triple-A multiplayer gaming experiences in the world.

We challenge the notion that mobile gamers, console gamers or PC gamers should be segregated tribes. We believe gamers are gamers on every device and deserve to play together in beautiful, responsive and deep triple-A experiences, whichever their native platform or control mechanism.

By insisting on gameplay parity across billions of mobile phones, PCs, consoles, next-generation hybrid devices and more, we are building toward a vision where gamers can play and be competitive with anyone, anywhere.

What does your role entail?

Handling publishing Super Evil MegaCorp’s IP around the world, as well as partnerships and esports strategy.

Why did you want to work in the games industry?

I am a natural born gamer.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to get into it?

You need to be talented and also love it at the same time to excel here. If you are not qualified in both, there are much better industry and jobs out there. 

What are your thoughts on the industry in the last 12 months?

We are going into another super interesting industry transition. A lot of exciting things will be happening. If you like to know more - come and listen to my session. 

What major trends do you predict in the next 12 months?

Major US publishers will be more active in mobile. Cross-platform gameplay will be more important.

How has the games industry changed since you first started?

Jeez. Too much. I started with developing text MUD as a hobby in the college. The cycles and changes I’ve seen are too much to describe in short paragraph. At the same time, now I know similar theme repeats with slight nuance differences. 

Which part of the Connects event are you most looking forward to and why?

This time I’d like to meet with key publishers based in the EMEA region to understand their strategy and see how we can work together.

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More info about the event can be found right here

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