All 15 entrants from the PC Indie Pitch at Game Industry Conference in Poznan 2017

All 15 entrants from the PC Indie Pitch at Game Industry Conference in Poznan 2017

The PC Indie Pitch continues to go from strength to strength, and following a successful PC Connects Helsinki 2017 we've been back on the road. This time we've hosted the PC Indie Pitch in Poland for the first time ever as part of the Game Industry Conference in Poznan.

From cows in space, to the story of a deaf and a blind person, and even as far as futuristic cyberpunk RTS, there really was a wide range of experience being showcased by the indie community. So much so, that this was arguably the hardest fought PC Indie Pitch to date.

However, there always has to be a winner, and on this occasion that honor went to Fuero Games' Bushy Tail. Second place was then awarded to Weakless by Echo, with the third place prize being taken away by Pigmentum Game Studio's Indygo. As always though, the top 3 is only part of the story of the PC Indie Pitch. So let me introduce you to not only the top 3, but the other 12 games that were pitched as part of the competition.

1st Place - Bushy Tail

By Fuero Games

Bushy Tail is a narrative, adventure game which tells the story of Little Fox. The story itself is told by three children who are processing their experiences following the sudden arrival of refugees and foreign cultures. As such they jump into a fictional world, and through Little Fox, they all learn to grow through, adapt to, and overcome the challenges of change alongside their cute hero.

Throughout the game players will be able to see the world constantly transforming and changing based on both which child is telling the story, and their current actions. The story itself uses Grimms' Brothers old fairy tales as inspiration for the Little Fox storyline and art graphic style.

2nd Place - Weakless

By Echo

Weakless is an artistic 3D isometric game telling the story of both a deaf and a blind person. Two people who will only be able to overcome obstacles on their path through working together and helping each other out. The main element of the gameplay takes the form of switching between the heroes to solve logic puzzles. It may be still in the early stages of development, but it already looks brilliant, and promises to be one to keep your eyes peeled to.

3rd Place - Indygo

By Pigmentum Game Studio

Indygo is a narrative point and click adventure game all set within one solitary location - a Painter's Workshop. It tells the story of a Painter who through his depression has become a shut in, and now hasn't left his workshop for more than three months.

Within the game, player's must dive into the Painter's journal in order to solve puzzles and learn more about his mental state. As the game progresses the workshop itself will alter and adapt based on the Painter's mental state, and through the game the developer hopes to give players an insight into the world of depression and the isolation it causes, and through this help to counteract the stigmatisation of depression.

The Root Home

By Pixel Delusion

Set off on a medieval adventure inspired by the old legends and turbulent history of the North. In The Root Home players must help a group of stranded warriors as they face fearful situations, make tough choices, and discover the best way forward, all in the hope of finding their way home. Combat takes the form of a hexagonal combat system, and the game promises to be different with every playthrough.

Space Cows

By Happy Corruption

Space Cows is a crazy physics-based action puzzler set in zero gravity. After a mysterious incident known as the crashy-bangy accident, the space cows on space milk station Rodeo 808 have begun to float uncontrollably. As such, it's up to the player to save the space cows from floating away to a certain doom within the cold expanse of deep space. However, to do this players will have to master the zero gravity physics, whilst also avoiding deadly obstacles, such as sharp debris pieces, loose electrical cables or out of control fires. There's even a strange mutation spreading among the cows which is making them lose their mind.

Heroes of Simuria

By Hydrazine Games

Heroes of Simuria is a browser based MMORPG. One which offers gameplay that nicely fits into five minute gaming sessions. As such, the game is designed to support players who can only invest a small amount of time to the game in one go, alongside those who will play for several hours straight.

The gameplay itself takes the for of a traditional RPG with turn based combat and asymmetric character professions. Heroes of Simuria offers both single and multiplayer games, and includes an engaging character drive story.

Beta Object

By Byte Barrel

In Beta Object, players assume the role of an Atlantean. One who left his home to complete a series of space missions, before returning to discover a very different city to the one he left. Through gameplay which focuses on utilising the power of light in order to detect both foes, and the best escape route, Beta Object tells a tale about trusting no body and fearing everything.


By Gspotnick

Alibabe is an adventure game set in a universe where fables intertwine with sci-fi. One inhabited by many well known characters from the likes of stories by Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, or the Grimm brothers. "What if all known fairy tales are just summaries of visits to a parallel universe?", Alibabe will have you purchasing cauliflower carriages at the market, arguing with your fairy godmother, and even drinking with inventors who work for a company of a just-unbottled genie. It sounds mad, and it's all the better for it.


By Ice Code Games

In Cult you are placed into the shows of the enigmatic leader of a spiritual movement. A movement which is bringing hope to a stagnant futuristic society. Gameplay takes the form of a real time strategy with MOBA elements, with players having to build an army through the power of religious conversion. 

Exo Racing

By Angry Angel Games

With Exo Racing, Angry Angel Games is hoping to offer a refined and polished racing experience, albeit one that is offering something different to the juggernauts of the industry. As such, players can expect to find a full physics modding and export system, alongside gameplay modes like Destruction Derby, alongside the staples such as 10 player online multiplayer and a career mode.

Grey Skies

By BeeFlame Studio

Grey Skies is an exploration focused adventure game. One in which the player directs the actions of a wanderer who is lost and harassed by ghosts of his past. So much so that this wanderer has to enter the Land of Twilight in order to put an end to his torment and discover the truth hidden within his path. The game itself will take place over six diverse stages, though the ending will be determined by each player's individual actions.

All We Want Is More

By Kuklam Studios

All We Want Is More is a story-driven game where you take on the role of a fledgling politician. The game is set to feature a real-life calendar featuring all the key holidays, turn based discussions and speeches, a skills system so you can work on your charm rating, and even a favor system so you can build those all important relationships.

Badass Hero

By Awesome Games Studio

Set inside a comic book, Badass Hero is a roguelite platformer shooter that offers fast-paced hit and run gameplay, alongside a procedurally generated world that ensures that every playthrough is unique. Players can even upgrade their hero by collecting the unk that is left by defeated enemies. Awesome Games Studio states that their inspirations for Badass Hero come from the likes of Rogue Legacy, Spelunky and Metal Slug.


By Janusz Orlinski

Inspired by the likes of Oddworld: Abe's Odysee, Apparatus is a 90s inspired 2D platformer. Set in a world where robots and nature live in harmony, players will get to uncover the the truth behind a long extinct ancient civilization. One that used a mysterious language connected with mathematics and logic. 

Sengoku Mecha

By Wastelands Interactive

Sengoku Mecha is a project still largely under wraps. As such we sadly don't have a video or any images to share. However, we can share that Sengoku Mecha is set to be a tactical game built in the vein of X-Com, crossed with elements of classic role-playing games. It'll also be taking its story telling cues from the likes of JRPGs and Japanese culture.

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