All 13 entrants from the PC Indie Pitch at PC Connects Helsinki 2017

All 13 entrants from the PC Indie Pitch at PC Connects Helsinki 2017

The PC Indie Pitch at PC Connects Helsinki 2017 may have only been the second time we’ve run our PC focused indie developer competition. However you wouldn’t have known from the strength of the competition, with exciting developers coming not only from Finland, but also from a range of different countries, the judges were well and truly spoiled for choice when selecting who deserved to walk away with one of our top three prizes.

For those who don’t know, the PC Indie Pitch is an event run by Steel Media (makers of Pocket Gamer and PC Games Insider) for smaller developers to show off their wares to a panel of eager and knowledgeable judges. It’s based off our leading mobile focused Big Indie Pitch, and continues to go from strength to strength.

On this occasion, Frozen Vision’s Axiom X took the crown, with second place going to Winter Survival and third to Deep Sky Derelicts. However, the top 3 is only part of the story of the PC Indie Pitch. So let me introduce you to not only the top 3, but the other 10 games that were pitched as part of the competition.

1st Place - Axiom X

By Frozen Vision

Axiom X walked away with the grand prize at this year’s PC Indie Pitch at PC Connects Helsinki, and it’s easy to see why. Crossing real time strategy with racing, Axiom X is something of an X-Com meets Formula 1, and adds a unique and interesting take on one of gaming’s most established genres. It also looks glorious too.

2nd Place - Winter Survival

By Iceflake Studios

In Winter Survival players find themselves stranded in the middle of the wilderness, alone and with no one to help. As such, players must use their own skills and intellect to survive in this game which looks to combine elements of the Oregon Trail with modern roguelike and survival mechanics. What’s more, survival can be found through multiple different ways, as every playthrough promises to be different.

3rd Place - Deep Sky Derelicts

By Snowhound Games

Described as a mix of Darkest Dungeon and FTL: Faster Than Light all designed within a retro-futuristic comic book aesthetic, Deep Sky Derelicts is a game in which you assume the role of a stateless scavenger. One who has set off on a quest to locate a fabled alien derelict within the Deep Sky sector, all with the hope of exchanging his life as a scavenger for a cozy life on a natural planet.

Mushroom Crusher Extreme

By Mushroom Party & Team Jolly Roger

In this retro-styled arcade-action game, players must help the mage Zenon in pushing back an army of giant shrooms which are attempting to invade his homeland. The retro visuals aren't the only thing old-school about this game though, as the gameplay also follows a retro ideology. Namely one that in which understanding the mechanics of the game is the key to victory.

Zwar 1: The Great War of the Dead 1918 - 1927

By Ether Games

Set in an alternate, diesel-punk history where not only did World War 1 not end, but it took a supernatural turn, Z War 1 puts you against the legions of the undead as you simply try to survive. From machine guns to air strikes, you’ll have to use everything at your disposal to survive in this wave based tower defence shooter. You’l even have to watch out for the likes of the legendary Cthulhu.

Your Royal Gayness

By Lizard Hazard Games

Your Royal Gayness is a story-driven fairytale parody game. One which conveys an important message through a fun set-up, as here you play as a gay prince trying to survive a royal life he didn’t ask for. Manage your kingdom and be a fair price, all whilst coming up with excuses to avoid your parents questions over marriage.


By Cappuccino

Step into the shoes of a homicide detective and try to solve the seemingly insolvable. In Psyche you wont just have to rely on your wit alone though. Instead your trusty virtual computer will allow you access to search engines, analysis and cryptography programs, maps and even police department applications, all in order to help you solve the mysteries.


By Subsolar Entertainment

Tartaros is a top-down action-adventure, one centred around fast-paced close combat battling. Set in a post apocalyptic universe where man rebelled against a pantheon of mechanical Gods, a group of scavengers discover an ancient tomb belonging to one of the long dead gods. However, rather than play as these scavengers, you play as the final guardian of this tomb who must defeat the invaders.

Odium: To the core

By Dark-1

Odium: To the core is a single-button, music based game, with levels designed to around the developer’s original soundtrack. Inspired by the likes of Super Hexagon and Geometry Dash, players must face 15 action packed stages in which you must use balance and timing to avoid traps and survive.

Kalsarikänni (Get drunk in your underpants home alone)

By Firetail Games

If you think the meaning of Kalsarikänni is odd, then wait until you see the game. Sucked into their TV after turning up at home all alone and dunk, the game’s hero must now fight against the evil hordes of Hangover, in a tournament where only one can win access back to their not do desirable life. Combine this gameplay that represents something of a mashup between multiplayer FPS action and beat em ups, this is one of the crazier games we’ve seen at the PC Indie Pitch.

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters

By Rusto

Centred around the idea of drunken brawling, Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters uses rag doll physics to create a surreal arena fighting game. One in which players must master the physics before they even get to the fighting itself. What’s more, it’s not just PvP either, as players can also team up with friends to take down computer controlled AI characters too.


By Team Jolly Roger

Worbital is a fast paced RTS title based about gravitational artillery warfare between planets. One which can be played both alone or with friends. Utilising gravitational pull as a core mechanic Worbital sees entire planets do battle, with each player commandeering a planet, and with this support structures and increasingly powerful weapons. The goal: be the last civilisation standing!

Core Tactics

By Bermuda Games

Core Tactics is a team based top-down tactical shooter. One which looks to combine MOBA and RTS mechanics to create an engaging yet accessible hardcore experience. characters auto attack the nearest enemy, whilst also having a section of special abilities that may help turn the tide of the battle.

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