Wildermyth maker Worldwalker going into "hibernation"

Wildermyth maker Worldwalker going into "hibernation"

The developer of RPG Wildermyth, Worldwalker Games, is going on hiatus. 

In a post on Twitter, studio co-owner Nate Austin wrote that it would be letting go many members s of its team has it goes into what it calls "hibernation". 

Austin said that "active development" on the game was finished and that the firm would continue to support the title, in addition to fixing "critical bugs". He added that console ports are still on the cards. 

"Wildermyth has been wonderful, but nothing goes on forever," Austin wrote. "We wanted to ship Omenroad and having done that we're ready to move on. That was the plan and it doesn't have anything to do with how well Omenroad is doing well," saying that the release was actually doing "really well". 

He continued: "We're an independent studio, which means we're not answerable to investors. Nobody is shutting us down. We are going into hibernation because we are done with this project. I'm very proud to have been a part of a very special team and a very special game and I'm hopeful that the game will continue to live on> We have a tremendous community of players and modders and that's a dream come true. It's been an incredible honour to deliver you Wildermyth and I thank you for it." 

Wildermyth debuted in 2021 and was the sixth-biggest-selling game on Steam on the week of its release

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