Bungie bans third-party cheating peripherals in Destiny

Bungie bans third-party cheating peripherals in Destiny

Developer Bungie is the latest games company to take a stand against third-party peripherals that give users an advantage in Destiny.

In a blog post, the firm laid out its views on these devices which "manipulate the game client". Though Bungie does not name what peripherals, in particular, it is referring to, it is hardware such as the XIM, Cronus Zen, and ReaSnow S1 which can be used to give gain advantage in-game.

As of now, these are banned with Destiny.

"Our community has grown increasingly frustrated by a form of cheating that uses third-party peripherals with the intent to manipulate the game client," the studio wrote.

"These devices are plugged into a computer or console, where they can—for example—execute simple scripts or trick the game into giving you extra aim assist. You’ll note that we aren’t calling out the services by name, the primary reason for that is we simply don’t want to offer a bigger spotlight than necessary. Instead, our focus is on what the impact of using tools like this has on a PvP environment. To this end, Bungie has adopted the following policy on any form of external aides:

"Bungie embraces the use of external accessibility aids that enable an experience the game designers intended but will take action, including bans, on people who abuse these tools specifically to gain an advantage over other players."

This comes hot on the heels of these devices being banned in Call of Duty and Warzone. 


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