Day Before devs refute scam allegations

Day Before devs refute scam allegations

The makers of the eagerly anticipated title The Day Before have shot down rumours that the game is not actually in production and is in fact a scam.

In a statement to IGN, Fntastic said that it hasn't received any money from fans yet, pointing out that it has the backing of publisher Mytona. Rumours that The Day Before was a scam began due to the title being repeatedly pushed back close to release dates. Last year, the game was delayed from June 2022 until March of this year just a month before its expected release. This was nominally so that The Day Before could be ported from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5.

Earlier this month, the game was booted from that March release date until November due to a copyright dispute.

"For us and millions of people, The Day Before is a childhood dream come true. It’s a game with zombies and other people in a huge postapocalyptic skyscraper city. We understand that some players, not seeing the whole picture, might have doubts about the game. Our whole focus has always been on the product itself," Fntastic wrote.

"We’ve been creating the game for four years. All these years have been full of sweat and blood to make this game, and for many members of our team, it is unpleasant to hear such accusations. We didn't take a penny from people: no crowdfunding, no pre-orders, no donations. The game is fully funded by Mytona, one of the largest mobile publishers in the world, who checked the game's build at every milestone per our contract.

"We made a real inner breakthrough when we decided to go for big challenges from the bottom—so big that some people would consider them impossible. Making a fantastic journey from the very ends of the earth, we feel like that simple guy from 90s action movies. You probably remember him as the hero who breaks through the veil of disbelief when no one believes in him, but he finds the inner strength to win and prove to everyone what he is worth in the end.

"We only believe in the final product. No matter what anyone says, you’ll see for yourself on November 10 this year. We hope that after the game's success, we’ll give people faith that in this life, if you persevere toward a dream, it will come true, despite all the obstacles and doubts."

Last year, Fntastic defended its use of volunteers to make The Day Before.

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