Former Day Before dev says game was never an MMO

Former Day Before dev says game was never an MMO

Developers who worked on the recently-released The Day Before have come out and said the public was misled as to what the game was going to be.

Speaking to DualShockers, a former anonymous staffer who helped develop the title have said that it was never intended to be an MMO. The Day Before was advertised as such from its reveal back at the start of 2021 all the way until its release. When the game finally came out, it more resembled an extraction shooter and lacked any of the mechanics of an MMO.

“I never saw it as an MMO project,” they said.

“No one from our team knows why they called it an MMO. It was always a third-person shooter with some co-op mechanics. Not one RPG mechanic was implemented — skills were an idea, and they were in the prototype stage, but nothing more.”

Asked about the disparity between the actual game itself and its marketing, the source said everyone was confused about that.

“No one could explain that," they said.

"Maybe the CEOs knew something and didn’t tell us. Technically speaking, there were no RPG mechanics implemented. There was no possible way to put a lot of people in the world or make the world bigger. From the beginning, the idea was that servers would be under 100 people — that is not an MMO. No clans, no raids, closed hubs. It’s been that way for over two years."

Developer Fntastic closed its doors just days after The Day Before came out. has reached out to the game's publisher Mytona for comment.

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