Skybound opens public investment

Skybound opens public investment

Walking Dead IP owner Skybound Entertainment has opened a public funding campaign.

Folks can chip in a minimum of $500 into the company, which has raised $11 million since this push went live – when that is was initiated is unclear. The funding is being conducted on the Platform Republic service.

It's a Tier 2 Regulation A+ campaign, meaning it is limited to bringing in $75 million (or 150,000 units of $500). You can check out Skybound's 1-A form here

24 per cent of the final funding is going to be going towards developing anime projects, while 23 per cent is headed to fuelling game development.

19 per cent is going to making original TV projects, with a 14 per cent slice of the pie being spent on executive compensation. Marketing takes up 10.5 per cent of the funding, with the remaining five per cent going on admin staff. The final 4.5 per cent is being spent on admin related to the funding raise.

“We’re so excited for this Regulation A+ offering, as the concept aligns with one of Skybound’s core values: connecting with fans," Skybound CEO David Alpert said.

"We believe that by empowering our creators to do what they do best, and inviting its superfans to be able to hold a stake in the content they’re passionate about, it’s a win win for everyone."

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