Report: Twitch tweaks its partner program

Report: Twitch tweaks its partner program

It sounds like Twitch is going to get a fair bit worse for streamers.

That's according to reporting from Bloomberg, which claims that the broadcasting platform is considering changes to how its partner streamers are compensated.

These include a proposed new 50 per cent revenue split, compared to the 70 per cent that streamers kept from subscriptions before. That's on top of plans for "tiers" of Twitch partnership with a variety of requirements and rates of compensation.

Furthermore, there are potential incentives for streamers to run more ads during broadcasts, such as being given $100 for having two minutes worth of adverts per hour.

All of this is no doubt going to annoy streamers who are partnered with Twitch, but there is one crumb of good news in these proposals; the fact that partners won't have to exclusively stream on Twitch, opening up other sources of revenue.

"What a joke," streaming giant Jacksepticeye wrote in reply to a post about the news on Twitter. "Makes it worse for everyone except twitch themselves."

These tweaks are not finalised but apparently some changes could be coming as early as summer.

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