EA: Games industry has a lot of catching up on managing communities

EA: Games industry has a lot of catching up on managing communities

US publishing giant Electronic Arts has said that games companies have their work cut out to catch up when it comes to managing their communities.

That's according to the firm's EVP of Positive Play, marketing and commercial Chris Bruzzo (pictured), who told that the sector is only now really becoming aware of the onus of responsibility it bears for managing the large number of people playing games.

"The video game industry is catching up to: 'Wow, we have massive communities, and with that means we get all of the good and the bad associated with that,'" Bruzzo said.

"And so that's why I think you're still seeing tools just catching up to things like, how easy can we make it to report inappropriate behaviour? How clear can we make our code of conduct so that it's so much more obvious when you're breaking one of the rules?

"This is going to be an ongoing area that will be dynamic and moving fast, and the industry has a lot of work to do to catch up to its responsibility in terms of the size of the communities that we now host inside our games."

This comes over 12 months after EA unveiled its Positive Play Charter, the promises that the company made for handling bad behaviour and encouraging good interactions within its games. Recently the Positive Play segment attracted Oculus and Telltale veteran Colum Slevin, who was hired as senior director of live services.

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