Epic Games Store self-publishing closed beta now open

Epic Games Store self-publishing closed beta now open

Developers looking to launch games in the Epic Games Store can now set up their own product pages, achievements, pricing, offers, and upload builds and updates thanks to a new self-publishing closed beta

Historically, developers have had no choice but to work with Epic's internal team for each step in publishing the more than 650 games and apps currently available to the claimed 58 million monthly active users. In a blog post this week Epic claims that, "With these new self-publishing tools, the games and app library of the Epic Games Store will grow faster than ever before".

The new process is now live in closed beta to stress test the toolset with developer feedback. This is the first step towards opening up the store so all developers can submit products.

As a closed beta, developers are not guaranteed to be included but you can sign up online here or speak to your existing business development manager at Epic Games.

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