Koch's new Prime Matter label to publish Payday 3

Koch's new Prime Matter label to publish Payday 3

Germany's Koch Media has created a brand new publishing label called Prime Matter.

This new venture was announced yesterday and – according to an interview with with Koch CEO Klemens Kundratitz – is going to have a similar size team to its other publishing arm, Deep Silver.

As for the label's remit, Prime Matter is focusing on innovative titles, which again, doesn't really say much. What is interesting though is the global nature of the game's that it is publishing.

There are seven new IPs in the 13 games that it has announced so far. The publisher has signed titles from studios from the likes of Brazil (Dolmen), Serbia (Scars Above), Iceland (Echoes Of The End) and Russia (Encased and Kings Bounty 2). 

"While the label is run out of Germany, through this selection of IPs we want to give people the understanding that this is a global label," Kundratitz said.

"It's about established and new IP, mainstream and more niche. We are very open, very flexible in our approach, and very close to the studios, fostering collaboration globally.

"Diversity is also important. Having young people of all colours as part of the team going forward, it's very much a fresh, young, global approach that we take."

Prime Matter is going to be publishing Payday 3, which Koch signed in March of this year.

"Prime Matter is a new home for premium games, offering both current and future partners all the expertise of the Koch Media Group alongside a new and dynamic team dedicated to maximising their true potential," Kundratitz said in a press release announcing the label.

"The core of the video games industry is, of course, entertainment. Prime Matter will constantly look to innovate and inspire gamers across all its activities while retaining the fundamental values of what makes our industry so special; it is intrinsically fun."

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