CD Projekt and Gaming Company vets form new indie publisher Retrovibe

CD Projekt and Gaming Company vets form new indie publisher Retrovibe

The co-founders of both Polish games firm CD Projekt and Gaming Company have set up a brand new indie publishing label called Retrovibe.

The venture has been set up by Michal Kiciński, the co-founder and former joint-CEO of CD Projekt, as well as Gaming Company co-founders Michał Affelski and Krzysztof Papliński. Kiciński is apparently backing the firm financially while Affelski and Papliński are in charge of actually running it.

Retrovibe is going to be signing indie games that have a "New Retro twist," whatever that means. The company has signed five projects to date: Project Warlock 2, Janosik 2, Biota, The Looter, and Shardpunk: Verminfall. That's on top of publishing Project Warlock and Janosik, which have already been released.

"We think of Retrovibe as an exo-skeleton that amplifies everything devs are doing," Paplinski said.

"By providing financial support, marketing, and other guidance we can let teams making games focus on what they want to do, make games. We’re working directly with passionate indie developers to bring original retro titles to life without infringing on their creative vision. From newly announced titles like Project Warlock II to already revealed games like The Looter, everything under the Retrovibe banner is going to have a certain look, feel, and appeal. This is only the beginning. We’ve got more to share in the coming months, and we’re on the lookout for more Neo Retro games that mix old school flavour with new tech to sign."

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