IP protection is keeping Take-Two from user-generated content

IP protection is keeping Take-Two from user-generated content

The CEO and chair of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick (pictured) has expressed an interest in user-generated content for its game, but says that he's concerned about IP.

Speaking to investors – as transcribed by Seeking Alpha – the exec was asked for his thoughts on the opportunities in this space thanks to the success of platforms like Roblox.

Zelnick said that he'd want to make sure the company's intellectual property was protected in some way before opening up its releases to user-generated content.

"There's an awful lot of interesting things going on in the world of user-generated content and there have been for some time," he said.

"And we're open-minded and we want to support the community. At the same time, it's terribly important that we and others protect our intellectual property.

"So that's the rub. The rub is to find a way to engage consumers on the one hand and enable them to express their interest and even their creative desires in the context of our properties. And there are numerous ways to go about that. And I believe we will explore many of those ways, again, in the context of protecting our intellectual property."

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