CD Projekt adds seizure warning to Cyberpunk 2077 launch screen

CD Projekt adds seizure warning to Cyberpunk 2077 launch screen

Polish games firm CD Projekt has added a seizure warning to the start of its blockbuster RPG, Cyberpunk 2077.

According to a Twitter post by Washington Post reporter Elise Favis, the title now has a splash screen giving players a heads up about the risk of epileptic seizures when playing the game. The warning says that Cyberpunk features "a variety of visual effects... that may provoke seizures or loss of consciousness in a minority of people."

This follows Game Informer's Ilana Ruppert posting an article earlier in the week warning about the issues of playing Cyberpunk 2077 as an epileptic.

Not only does the game's art direction feature lots of neon flashing lights, but there are sections that have hardware that bears a close resemblance to the real-world equipment used to intentionally trigger seizures in those suffering from epilepsy.

Meanwhile, UK charity Epilepsy Action expressed concern that the title might cause seizures.

“We are alarmed and saddened that a game reviewer had a seizure triggered by Cyberpunk 2077, before it was even launched," director of external affairs Louise Cousins said.

CD Projekt said that it was working on a more permanent solution to the issue, saying that for the time being there was a warning in Cyberpunk 2077's end user license agreement.

Ruppert has also said on Twitter that "four major triple-A studios" have been in touch about how her article caused them "to re-evaluate their dev process and more inclusive regarding neurological accessibility." In other words, more games will hopefully take this stuff into consideration.[

Cyberpunk 2077 was released today, December 10th.

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