Quakecon at Home raises over $30,000 for charity

Quakecon at Home raises over $30,000 for charity

Bethesda has announced on Twitter that attendees of Quakecon at Home have raised more than $30,000 for a number of different charities.

The money raised will be spread between the NAACP Legal and Educational Fund, Direct Relief, The Trevor Project and Unicef. The online event took place over the weekend and featured 60 hours of livestreamed developer panels, gameplay, celebrity appearances and more.

In a seperate charity initiative, the proceeds from the sale of two different T-shirts - sporting Dogvakhiin and Catodemon designs - were donated to the Dallas Pets Alive and Four Paws animal charities.

Quakecon is the latest even to go online in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier this year, Ubisoft held an announcement showcase, and this year's Gamescom and Devcom events will be held entirely online.

In a report at the end of June, SuperData suggested that the move online has actually increased engagement in events for the larger studios, but that the lack of real-world events could pose a problem for indie developers moving forwards.

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