Nvidia: Society is going to spend more on games with move to working from home

Nvidia: Society is going to spend more on games with move to working from home

The amount of money spent on video games is going to rise as more people move to working from home.

That's according to the CEO of graphics specialist Nvidia Jensen Huang (pictured), who told investors – as reported by Seeking Alpha – that this shift will result in more people playing video games. Remote working has become almost compulsory for many around the world in an effort to try and slow down – and eventually halt – the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. In the wake of the pandemic passing, the exec reckons that working from home will be more common. 

"I think more and more people are going to work permanently from home," Huang said.

"There's a strong movement of companies that are going to support a larger percentage of people working from home. And when people work from home, it's going to clearly increase the single best home entertainment, which is video games. I think video games is going to represent a much larger segment of the overall entertainment budget of society."

The company was reporting its financial results for the three months ending April 26th, 2020, in which its games business brought in $1.34bn. That's a 27 per cent increase year-on-year, but a 10 per cent decline on the previous quarter.

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