Epic Games Store introduces refunds and third-party sales

Epic Games Store introduces refunds and third-party sales

Epic Games has rolled out some more features for its storefront.

As announced in a development update, the Epic Games Store now has self-service refunds. All games on the storefront will be eligible for a refund within 14 days of purchase. Furthermore, the playtime must be less than two hours to qualify.

However, there are certain circumstances in which a refund will not be granted.

"You will not be eligible for games from which you have been banned or for which you have otherwise violated the terms of service. In addition, you may not be eligible for refunds if Epic determines that you are abusing the refund policy," said Epic Games.

To go alongside the new refund initiative, the Fortnite creator has made changes to ownership authorisation for installed games. Players will now be informed earlier when launching a title as to whether or not they own it. If they don't, this message will appear: "This account does not have ownership of [game title]. If you wish to play this game, please purchase it in the store or log in with an account that does have ownership."

"Special consideration was taken to try and provide an uninterrupted experience in cases of network instability or outages," said Epic.

"For those instances, the Epic Games Store client keeps memory of owned titles, which it will automatically keep updated whenever players are online and signed-in. If for whatever reason, it cannot reach our services, it will still allow the launch of the titles in this memory."

Furthermore, Epic Games has introduced keyless integration for third-party digital sales platforms, including Fanatical, Green Man Gaming and Genba Digital. Keyless integration for Humble Bundle was added last August. Finally, the American firm has added further download options to give users better control over their bandwidth.

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