Square Enix is not holding a digital event to announce its coming games

Square Enix is not holding a digital event to announce its coming games

Square Enix will give individual announcements for its games over the next financial year rather than through an online event.

As revealed on Twitter (below) – via Bloomberg tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki – the Japanese publisher will not hold a digital event to replace E3 due to complications from the coronavirus pandemic.

"Square Enix said it won't hold an online event to unveil this FY's new releases around E3's timing because making assets ready for such a show has become difficult due to COVID-19," said Mochizuki.

"Instead, it will announce new titles on an individual basis."

Earlier this year, the ESA cancelled E3 as a result of the ongoing pandemic and confirmed it would not replace the event with a digital format. As a result, multiple companies, including Microsoft and Ubisoft, began to look for alternatives.

Recently, the French publisher announced its online-only showcase Ubisoft Forward which will take place in July. Meanwhile, Geoff Keighley has created the Summer Game Fest. A variety of companies have already expressed interest in taking part.

One such firm is Electronic Arts, as it announced a digital version of its EA Play event for June. However, other publishers such as Bethesda have chosen to skip the online format altogether.

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