Steam puts games on sale after War Child UK appeal

Steam puts games on sale after War Child UK appeal

Steam is making some of its games cheap for War Child UK appeal.

As announced on Twitter (below), the money raised throughout Replay 2020 will go to help children affected by conflict. Due to the coronavirus, the number of kids impacted is likely to have increased.

"Re-play is back for #REPLAY2020 with some amazing games. Feast your eyes on this trailer and head to Steam now, pick up the games and support charity with every purchase," said War Child Gaming.

"All money raised will help support children affected by conflict."

A portion of each sale made for certain games on Valve's storefront went to the charity. The sale featured Dead Cells, A Short Hike, Gonner, Dead Cells: The Bad Seed Bundle, Eagle Island, War Groove, Time Spinner, Bubbles the Cat, Rivals of Aether, Broken Age, Psychonauts and Costume Quest.

All games on offer were made available on a Steam page dedicated to the cause.

To raise further money, War Child UK has been holding streams every day on Twitch where people could make donations.

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