Maingear has created ventilators to help fight the coronavirus

Maingear has created ventilators to help fight the coronavirus

Computer manufacturer Maingear has built ventilators with PC cases to help combat the coronavirus.

The new medical equipment is known as the LIV. The technology firm created it in response to the shortages countries such as the US are experiencing. The new device was created in collaboration with medical professionals.

"It was clear once this situation began to escalate that something had to be done," CEO and founder Wallace Santos said.

"Within days of assembling our team, we had our first prototype ventilator ready to go. Besides the lack of medical supplies and equipment, we think there will be a shortage of medical professionals who can operate these devices especially in field hospitals, so we also made it incredibly simple to use. Now we need help getting the word out to the appropriate people."

Maingear medical advisory board member and pediatric radiologist added: "Medical Ventilators are among the most critical devices required to deal with the sudden spike of hospitalized patients.

"There is a massive global shortage of these devices, so when Maingear approached me about building one, I connected them with some inventor friends who could help."

It is estimated that as many as 960,000 ventilators will be needed in the US by the American Hospital Association.

"We are experiencing the first wave of the pandemic. The lack of critical equipment such as ventilators is a key limitation in our response. This ventilator has the advantage of being portable, rugged, and easily operated by frontline personnel," said Maingear medical advisory board member and Ohio State University director of cardiac surgery Nahush Mokadam.

However, the LIV is yet to have FDA support to ship the ventilators out.

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