Star Citizen developer lands another $17.25m in investment

Date Type Companies involved Size
March 30th, 2020 investment Cloud Imperium $17.3m
Star Citizen developer lands another $17.25m in investment

One of the companies behind Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium, has raised $17.25m in investment.

In a post on the firm's site, it revealed that previous investors Calder Family Office, Snoot Entertainment, and ITG Investment had all decided to buy more shares in Cloud Imperium. These outfits were also involved in the $46m private investment that was made at the end of 2018.

Company founder Chris Roberts (pictured) is still in charge, maintaining full control of the board.

In total, Star Citizen has raised in the region of $340m. The game's initial crowdfunding push on Kickstarter brought in $2.1m, with the title's audience having donated more than $275m directly to the project. Over 2.6m people have been part of this crowdfunding push.

That figure stood at $251m at the end of November 2019, meaning that another $24m has been donated in the last four months.

The aforementioned $46m investment was to help get the single-player Squadron 64 portion of the game out of the gate. The beta for that project was delayed by three months in September 2019.

America's Federal Trade Commission has received 129 complaints about Star Citizen as of May 2019.

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Joe Blobers Project Manager
The original investors exercised a “one-time option” to obtain more shares. It was part of the original agreement back in 2018. Those investors are the only people outside of CiG who have a clear vision of both expenses and project development, including progress of SQ42.

Which is more than good sign as they felt good enough about the project to buy further in. It sounds even better while Independent Auditors valued the company at +460M$, excluding the 46M$ invested by Calder, back in 2018.

At that time no one was able to predict 2019 would be the best total pledges amount ever received by CIG (+20% more than 2018). 2020 sounds as good with month to month comparison higher than 2019.

About the 129 complaints, they have been diligently handled by CIG with authorities. Since then TOS have been updated to better reflect company and crowdfunding rules and we have not been informed of new ones.

Those claims have to be put in perspective of the +2.5 million registered accounts, with ten thousands more new accounts at each quarterly patch with very affordable pledge of few 10's $. Since many quarters, most ships can also be achieved in game with Credits, not $.
Knowing all Squadron 42 (solo) assets will be injected in Star Citizen(MMO) after release, not counting quarterly patch with a roadmap giving 4 quarters ahead of new contents, the project is more than healthy with a very strong support.