Steam makes two games free as publishers want to make self-isolation easier

Steam makes two games free as publishers want to make self-isolation easier

Steam has offered up two free games thanks to developers and publishers wanting to make self-isolation easier. 

As announced on Steam, publisher Daisu has opted to make its strategy puzzle game Between Two Castles free between March 26th and March 30th.

"These are tough and unprecedented times we're living, and it's affecting the whole community of players and the games industry," said the Daisu team.

"Entire cities around the world in lockdown, events being cancelled, health and economic systems in crisis, game launches being delayed. Everyone is being affected.

"At Daisu, we bring the board games people love to digital platforms, allowing them to play more frequently and without boundaries, and allowing new gamers to know about these exciting titles. We care deeply about our fans, and we know board game communities are being especially affected, as gatherings are not recommended or allowed."

The second game up for grabs is neon cyberpunk title Project Mercury by Raxasoft. It is free until April 8th.

Multiple companies have stepped up to make a difference during the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier this week, Riot Games donated $1.5 million to aid relief efforts in Los Angeles. Pro streamer Ninja and his wife Jessica Blevins donated $150,000.

Unity has made its tutorial content free for the next three months.

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