DrDisrespect signs exclusive multi-year deal with Twitch

DrDisrespect signs exclusive multi-year deal with Twitch

Twitch personality DrDisrespect has signed a multi-year exclusive deal with the platform.

The streamer – real name Guy Beahm – announced the news in a new video (below).

Speaking to The Verge, he would not disclose how much the deal was worth. However, he did describe it as "life-changing."

"Let's just say, when I first started streaming, was something like this fathomable? If it was, you're dreaming really, really big. To me, it's pretty shocking, and it's very obviously life-changing, rewarding," said Beahm.

Due to his undeniable popularity, Beahm signed a deal with Skybound Entertainment last year for his own TV show. However, it hasn't all been smooth sailing – in 2019, he had his Twitch account suspended and E3 credentials revoked after he streamed in a toilet at the event.

Last year, Fortnite streamer Ninja – Tyler Blevins – made the jump from Twitch to Mixer. In January, it was reported that he was paid up to $30 million to make the move.

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