Zynga faces lawsuit over data breach

Zynga faces lawsuit over data breach

Casual games firm Zynga has been hit with a class-action lawsuit.

As revealed in a court document, the reason for the suit is the American company's "failure to reasonably safeguard personally identifiable information." In September 2019, users of Words With Friends and Draw Something had their accounts hacked.

The hackers were able to get access to personal information such as an address, email, passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers, names and more.

Two people have filed the suit, Nasim Chaudhri - for her minor son - and Amy Gitre. The lawsuit claimed that Zynga failed to inform its player base that it had been breached. The firm didn't send out any emails to its users. Instead, it had a statement on its website - "it recently discovered that certain player account information may have been illegally accessed by outside hackers."

Zynga went on to imply that data breaches are part of the industry. Instead of taking responsibility, the firm stated: "cyber attacks are one of the unfortunate realities of doing business today."

"Zynga did not, and has not to this day, issued an email notification of the breach to its users," reads the document.

"Rather, Zynga effectively hid the fact that it suffered a data breach. Only those who happened to visit Zynga's website on their own violation read about the breach in the news, or had signed up to receive email data breach notifications from independent third parties that monitor data breaches were made aware of the breach."

Zynga isn't the only games firm facing a lawsuit. Riot Games has been sued due to gender discrimination. Recently, the League of Legends maker claimed a $10 million settlement was "fair and adequate."

However, the plaintiffs' lawyer has withdrawn the $10 million settlement to seek a more substantial sum. California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing insists that Riot should pay a total of $400 million.

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