Valve is changing up how it selects the host city for The International

Valve is changing up how it selects the host city for The International

Valve has adopted an Olympics style form of selecting countries to host The International esports tournament.

As reported by Polygon, potential host cities for The International 2021 have until March 31st to submit their proposals.

"First held in Cologne, Germany in August 2011, The International has become one of the world's largest sporting events and set numerous records for the largest prize pool in all of esports with its community-driven purse - $34.3 million total prize pool in 2019," said Valve.

"Global viewership, international draw, and attendance rivals that of the NFL Superbowl, U.S. Open Golf Championship, and the Eurovision Song Contest."

In its request for proposal, the company claimed that previous host cities – Seattle, Vancouver and Shanghai – saw multiple benefits to holding the prestigious event.

"This year's International will be held in Stockholm, and past host cities of the International include Seattle, Vancouver and Shanghai. Each of these cities has seen an influx of visitors - about half of the attendees - that patronise their hotels, restaurants, and other tourist attractions," said Valve.

"Moreover, Valve works with local suppliers to source equipment such as lighting, rigging, broadcast equipment, and internet bandwidth. Valve also hires local skilled labourers to handle catering, construction, décor, printing, marketing, security, transportation, and entertainment. All of this typically results in a significant boost to the host city's economy."

Valve cited an article about the Vancouver event as a means to back its statement. Through hosting the tournament, the city had an injection of $7.8 million into its economy.

If a city is to be successful, there are various requirements they need to tick. In the Request for Proposal, Valve lists what it needs to host The International in that city. First and foremost, potential candidates must have a modern stadium that can seat 15,000 to 80,000 people.

Space for other events such as after-parties is a must. On top of that, local hotels need to be able to host 30,000 individuals. Furthermore, the city needs to be in proximity to an airport and have a good local transportation system.

Besides what is required, Valve will also consider other factors when making its decision. Such as, how safe the city is for the players, fans and event staff. Keeping clear communication with the company will also go in the city's favour, and helping Valve deal with immigration and visa problems for its contestants.

In September 2019, Valve introduced harsher ban penalties to Dota 2.

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