Red Candle's Devotion and Detention added to Harvard library

Red Candle's Devotion and Detention added to Harvard library

Red Candle Games' two controversial horror titles have been added to Harvard University's Harvard-Yenching Library.

As revealed in a Facebook post, Detention and Devotion were invited to join the prestigious library this month. The games are still not playable, but their legacy will live on.

The Harvard-Yenching Library is designed to preserve East-Asian art. It is the biggest library dedicated to Asian culture to be run by an American university.

"This February, the Harvard-Yenching Library at Harvard University officially added both of our titles Detention and Devotion to its collection," said Red Candle Games.

"It is an incredible honour which belongs to not only Red Candle but also our supporters/players worldwide. Special thanks to the invitation from Harvard-Yenching Library and the assistance from James Cheng, Prof. David Der-wei Wang, Xiao-he Ma, and Yedong Chen for making it possible.

"Harvard-Yenching Library, formally founded in 1928, is known as the largest Eastern Asian library maintained by any American university. As game designers, never have we thought that our works could one day be added to its prestige collection. While we truly appreciate the recognition, we had also taken this opportunity to rethink the possibilities that our games could achieve.

Red Candle Games continued "For the past one year, we are sorry for making our community worried. Although the current status might not be ideal, we are still here and that nothing has changed - we are and will always develop games with the same passion."

In February 2019, Devotion was pulled from Steam after Chinese reviews for the game expressed outrage after an accidental art asset of Winnie the Pooh made it into the title. The cartoon character has long been associated with mocking  Chinese President Xi Jinping.

This heavily impacted both Red Candle and its Chinese publishing partner.

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