Eve Online DDOS attacks are still ongoing

Eve Online DDOS attacks are still ongoing

Space-based MMO Eve Online has been the target of DDOS attacks.

According to an update on Twitter (below) - via the Eve Status account - there are still problems with in-game communication and game connectivity.

"Issues with in-game chat and game connectivity are still ongoing," said the update.

"We are working closely with our partners to improve the situation across the board for everyone affected. Please continue sending your reports to us."

Many players have taken to Reddit to express their frustrations, alliances are suffering and losing ground due to its members being unable to log in to the game.

One such user is Lords Servant, who went into detail in a Reddit post about how badly these attacks are affecting them and other smaller alliances. Players have exhausted their options for potential fixes in-game.

"We are trying everything we can within the bounds of the game, but this is not an issue resolvable within the mechanics of the game," said Lords Servant.

"This is an issue that we have no control over, and no amount of isk, in-game skill, or mechanics will allow us to do anything if we cannot log in or play the game in a reasonable state. We've tried everything we can in-game."

The attacks have primarily affected the US, however, as shown the Eve Online forums there are issues in other countries such as South Africa.


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