Discover the Top 50 Blockchain Games Companies at Blockchain Gamer LIVE! on Tuesday 21 January

Discover the Top 50 Blockchain Games Companies at Blockchain Gamer LIVE! on Tuesday 21 January

The first-ever Top 50 Blockchain Games list, in association with Dapp Radar, is set to launch at this year’s Blockchain Gamer LIVE! event in London.

The Top 50 includes developers, publishers, toolmakers, distribution networks, tech companies, community leaders and other key members of the ecosystem.

The ceremony will take place from 12:20pm in track room 4 at The Brewery venue, as part of the dedicated blockchain conference at the UK’s biggest B2B event for the games industry, Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020. The Top 50 reveal is free to attend for everybody with a Pocket Gamer Connects/Blockchain Gamer LIVE! pass.

There will be a glossy 50-page booklet available to collect at the venue, explaining why each of the top 50 companies was chosen. The criteria include financial success, business growth, global reach, potential industry impact and product quality.

“To be working in the blockchain game sector is to be experiencing a pregnancy of uncertain duration,” explains editor Jon Jordan. “You’re convinced something is coming. You’re just not sure how long you’re going to have to wait or the exact details. In that context, this list of the top 50 blockchain games companies, while also highlighting current achievements, is better understood as the attempt to rank future success. One thing we can state with certainty is that 2020 will be the most important year yet - and perhaps ever - for blockchain games!”

A revolution in waiting

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise the games industry. That’s why in 2018, Pocket Gamer’s parent company Steel Media launched a new B2B site dedicated to illuminating and celebrating this technology as it applies to the games market. With features about key issues, interviews with top professionals, and resources such as an events planner and token listings, it’s the first port of call for developers, publishers, investors and service providers. The team behind the site will be available to meet at Blockchain Gamer LIVE! this month.

This dedicated partner event to industry-leading PG Connects conference takes place all day on Tuesday 21 January and features four tracks and 50 speakers, discussing everything from blockchain basics to the trends that will shape the future.

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