Report: Xbox spent $16m on advertising in October

Report: Xbox spent $16m on advertising in October

The games industry spent $62.7 million in TV advertisement in the US in October.

According to VentureBeat, the one company that actually reduced its ad spend was PlayStation, though it still spent the most money - it dropped to $34.6 million from $37.6 million in October.

However, despite the drop in spending, its ads - 10 different ones - did make 1.4 billion TV impressions. At an approximate $9.9 million, Death Stranding: The Drop racked up the most spending.

Taking second place is Xbox, the company spent around $16 million on eight different advertisements, it amounted to 739.5 million impressions. More than half of its commercial money was spent on “Discover Your Next Favourite Game,” an ad dedicated to Game Pass.

Rounding off the top three is Nintendo, the Japanese firm spent $7.3 million. It created 27 different commercials - more than the previous two companies combined - earning 561.3 million TV impressions.

Nintendo spent the most money - $878,574 - on an ad for “Special Hotel Getaway: Luigi’s Mansion 3.”

EA Sports finds itself in fourth place, it spent $1.5 million on six different ads - they received 125.2 million impressions after running 200 times. More than half the money went on a commercial for Madden 20 - “Doesn’t Feel Any Different.”

Finally, in fifth place is 2K Games - it is just below EA Sports with $1.2 million in advertisement money. It had the least amount of ads out of the companies with three, they aired 111 times and reached 53.2 million people. An ad for for “WWE 2K20: Ballroom Brawl” was the most expensive at $733,059.

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