Stadia pre-order customers might not receive controller until after launch

Stadia pre-order customers might not receive controller until after launch

Consumers are not guaranteed to be able to play Google Stadia at launch.

A representative for the tech giant has told The Verge that customers who pre-purchased the controller and membership for the platform may have to wait until after Stadia’s release - on November 19th - to get their purchaes.

Pre-order’s for the Founder’s Edition has sold out, leading Google to announce a new Premiere Edition, which has just gone on sale. However, as revealed in a blog post, the hardware is being sent out on a first-come-first-serve basis.

But, the company fully expects to have delivered all pre-orders within two weeks of Stadia’s launch.

Gamers lucky enough to be one of the first to place an order will be able to use the platform from 9 AM PST on November 19th.

It is worth noting that the Stadia controller will only be wireless with a Chromecast Ultra at launch. In June the company confirmed the subscription service itself costs $9.99 per month and that there would be 28 games available on day one.

Google has revealed its intent to focus on both second and third-party projects, it could take “several years” before the Stadia Games and Entertainment first-party studio launches a title.

Sam Corcoran, the technical account manager for Google revealed in July that over 4000 developers tried to become part of the partners programme for Google Stadia. In April 2019, we looked at the team behind the company’s new streaming platform.

Lag is an ongoing issue with streaming platforms, to combat this Google plans to use machine learning to predict inputs.

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