New Xbox feature allows players to remove offensive text

New Xbox feature allows players to remove offensive text

Xbox players will be able to prevent themselves from being subjected to offensive messages.

Taking to Twitter (below), Xbox director of programming Larry Hyrb revealed a new feature, customisable text filters to block potentially offensive content.

Further details were offered in a blog post on the company’s website. Users can alter the level of message safety in the family and safety settings. Anything that can be considered outside your selected safety zone will be blocked and labelled as “potentially offensive message hidden.”

“We want to give you, the gamer, the control over what messages you want to see when you are engaged in the Xbox community, so we’re enabling new ways to filter content, specifically text,” wrote CVP of Xbox operations, Dave McCarthy (pictured).

“These new automated text filtration capabilities will start rolling out across the Xbox ecosystem soon, starting first with private messages and expanding over time to profiles, LFG, Clubs and your Activity Feed.”

Children’s settings are automatically set at the highest filter. However, parents can alter the safety feature if they so wish.

Through player feedback, the company plans to improve upon the foundations it made in community safety.

The blog post continued: “Ultimately our vision is to supplement our existing efforts and leverage our company efforts in AI and machine learning technology to provide filtration across all types of content on Xbox Live, delivering control to each and every individual player.

“Your feedback is more important than ever as we continue to evolve this experience and make Xbox a safe, welcome and inclusive place to game.”

The new feature works across Xbox Game Bar, the console and apps on both PC and mobile. To begin with, Xbox Insiders will have access to the function while other users will have usage later this year.

Other companies attempting to curb toxic behaviour is EA. The publishing giant has a Healthy Community Players Council, in which gamers offer solutions to various types of questionable practice found in games.

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