Nexon Korea union is holding its first demonstration a year after forming

Nexon Korea union is holding its first demonstration a year after forming

A union formed by employees of South Korean games firm Nexon starting Point has held its first demonstration since being established last year.

According to Korea IT Times, the protest took place on September 3rd, with over 600 workers coming together in protest over recent reorganisation that's led to job insecurity.

"Stop making excuses for reorganisation. Ensure job security. We cannot endure disorganisation without countermeasures," said the union.

The protest follows a trying year for Nexon as the company's founder put it up for sale in January. Only to have to take the firm back off the market after key companies like Tencent did not take part in the bidding.

Around 100 employees face an uncertain future after developers from four suspended projects wait to be placed on a new project.

"If the project ends or fails, there are interviews. They don't give jobs if workers don't pass the interview. We're here to make a reasonable claim about job security," said Nexon's head of labour union Bae Soo-chan.

"In other words, if the project ends and the team is disbanded due to poor games, it is not certain whether the team's manpower will be relocated, which is why workers in the game industry suffer from constant job insecurity."

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