Unannounced Rockstar game Bonaire receives ban in Australia

Unannounced Rockstar game Bonaire receives ban in Australia

Rockstar Games' unannounced title known as Bonaire has been refused classification in Australia.

According to Kotaku, the studio's title was banned through the automated IARC classification process.

Very little is known about the developer's new title, other than that it’s called Bonaire. It is also the second game by Rockstar to be refused classification in Australia, the first one being Manhunt.

Bans in Australia

Several bannings have occurred recently, with Hotline Miami, Kingdom Come and Deliverance and We Happy Few receiving bans.

Perhaps the most controversial ban issued by the country was to Bohemia Interactive's DayZ. Initially, it was banned for the use of cannabis, despite being available on PC since 2013.

However, this decision has been overturned, giving DayZ an MA15+ rating.

Australian trade body The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) has spoken out on the banning of games in Australia.

IGEA has continuously called for the classification guidelines in Australia to be more flexible, to meet the changing standards in the community.

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