Gamescom 2019 - HP Omen has softened up its branding to make games more welcoming

Gamescom 2019 - HP Omen has softened up its branding to make games more welcoming

Computer hardware giant HP has switched up the look for its Omen games-focused brand in order to make the market more accommodation and less self-serious.

Speaking to at Gamescom 2019, consumer personal systems lead for EMEA Ricardo Silva said that it had ditched the black-dominated "alpha" branding in favour of a more relaxed and bright colour palette on a white background.

"As we are growing into this market, we're becoming a bigger PC player in this space, we're very attuned to the culture," he said.

"We want to treat and see gaming as a force to progress, as a way to improve our skills; I mean like basic skills, decision-making skills, dexterity. We want to see gaming as something that helps us to be better. The second thing is it doesn't necessarily have to be self-serious. Our old branding was very alpha-type with dominating blacks. We want to break from that. There is this high-end, esports-driven market, but we're seeing more and more kids who don't consider themselves gamers but they want to game. We feel like we're not serving them. It has to be a little less self-serious and a bit more fun.

"The word I use to describe it is British-English - we don't use it in the US - but it captures it really well, is cheeky. It's a bit more fun, a bit more cheeky, a little bit less self-serious. That's what we're trying to reflect a little bit more. We're bright, there are lots of colours. It's a little more welcoming."

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