Girls’ Game Lab wants to encourage more women to start career in games

Girls’ Game Lab wants to encourage more women to start career in games

Girls’ Game Lab is a new initiative created to encourage a generation of girls to make games.

This new non-profit organisation comes from a team of women with varying backgrounds in the industry, with the aim of bringing more girls into the games industry and to break gender stereotypes.

The initiative is being organised by a trio of industry experts, including freelance producer Caoime Roddy, currently at Wargoove studio Chucklefish, who recently walked away with the mentor of the year prize at MCV’s Women in Games Awards 2019. Joining her are PlayStation producer Rachael Gregg-Smythe and Lucy Smith, who has recently been hired by Sumo Digital as a designer.

Girls’ Game Lab has its first workshop taking place in Leamington Spa at the office of Forza Horizon studio Playground Games on August 3rd. Industry professionals and volunteers from companies including Microsoft, Sumo Digital and Rebellion, will aid in the workshop.

Girls aged eight-to-12 can sign up to take part in the event, which will focus on using the Stencyl development tool.

“When we were kids, we didn’t even know it was possible that making games could be our actual jobs,” said Roddy.

“There were no workshops, or any guidance whatsoever at school for this sort of career, especially for young girls.

“With Girls’ Game Lab, we want to show this generation of girls that they can be the next prominent game designer, and build a career out of something they’re truly passionate about.”

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