Epic takes the hit for developers in the first Epic Mega Sale event

Epic takes the hit for developers in the first Epic Mega Sale event

Epic’s first sales event is doing its best not to eat into developer margins.

Echoing Steam’s long tradition of sales events, Epic’s first store-wide discount, the Epic Mega Sale, cuts up to 75 per cent across its catalogue with an additional $10 off all games over $14.99.

In a blog post, Epic claims that this $10 discount comes “at no cost to the developer or publisher”, suggesting that the Store itself is taking the hit.

This fits alongside the company’s developer-first philosophy that also saw the Epic Games Store take a lower revenue share than other digital stores.

Finally, Epic will also refund $10 to buyers who picked up a game just before the sale kicked off (any time between May 2nd and 19th). The discount also applies to pre-purchase on games that aren’t out yet, effectively making all pre-orders prior to the end of the sale $10 off.

Between subsidising sales and continuing to snap up exclusives, Epic clearly has money to burn on pushing its new store. The Epic Mega Sale ends on June 19th.

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