#PCGICYMI - The biggest stories and hottest features of the week - Stray Bombay, [email protected], Google Stadia, Epic and Oculus

#PCGICYMI - The biggest stories and hottest features of the week - Stray Bombay, ID@Xbox, Google Stadia, Epic and Oculus

Each Monday, we collect the biggest stories and the hottest features of the week.

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1. Behind the scenes on Valve and Riot vets Chet Faliszek and Kimberly Voll's new co-op centric studio Stray Bombay

We caught up with the development duo to see why they've set up this new firm, how AI could be used to improve co-operative games and what they have learnt from their times at Riot and Valve

2. [email protected] games have made more than $1.2bn in revenue since the programme's launch

Titles in Microsoft's indie scheme had generated $200m in the last 12 months

3. OPINION: Google announced some cool tech at its GDC keynote, but some massive, basic questions remain about its new Stadia games business

Showing off at GDC, it's possible that the firm felt leading with tech was the way to go; but developers care about things like who their audience is going to be and how they're going to make money

4. Sweeney: Epic's newly-revealed online services will always be free to developers - even when the Fortnite money starts to dry up

"We're capable of operating the company for decades more with or without a hit to the magnitude of Fortnite"

5. Oculus: Facebook negative PR has not affected our business

Follows a year full of bad news about the social network giant

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