Denuvo wants to stop cheaters as well as pirates

Denuvo wants to stop cheaters as well as pirates

Denuvo is taking on cheaters and hackers with its new Anti-Cheat solution.

Irdeto’s anti-tamper technology package has so far been used in a number of games as a form of DRM and has long been a persistent obstacle for game key pirates and resellers. Now, at GDC this week, Denuvo has launched an anti-cheat solution as it extends its reach into videogame security.

The firm claims this move comes as cheating becomes an increasing issue in esports and the ever-popular battle royale genre - as seen with Apex Legends’ ban of over 350,000 cheaters in its first month.

There's a boon for developers too. According to research done by Irdeto, 77 per cent of players said they were likely to quit a game for good if they felt opponents weren’t playing fair.

“Cheating ruins video games for honest players,” said managing director of Denuvo at Irdeto Reinhard Blaukovitsch. “This can lead to lower game traffic and shrinking revenues for game publishers. Cheating also has a major impact on the esports market, where significant prizes are on the line.”

“The launch of our Anti-Cheat solution, as well as our involvement in the Esports Integrity Coalition, underpins our commitment to eliminating cheating in both video games and esports.”

Anti-cheat may help bring Denuvo more positive reception, as consumers continue to find themselves caught in the crossfire between DRM developers and pirates. Cracking the protection is a common goal for hackers, and Denuvo anti-tamper found itself jettisoned from Two Point Hospital less than a week after launch.

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