Chinese publisher East2West opens its USA branch in San Francisco

Chinese publisher East2West opens its USA branch in San Francisco

Chinese publishing platform East2West has opened doors on its new USA branch in San Francisco.

East2West has established a position for years as an outlet for bringing Western-developed games into China, including The Escapists 2, Chuchel and This War of Mine. Now, the publisher has launched East2West USA as a means to take its model global.

“We are extremely pleased about the chance to bring the same care and attention we show our titles in China to the international market,” said East2West CEO Raymond (just Raymond) in a statement.

“This is what sets us apart as a video game publisher, and we are ready to show the world that the bar has been raised.”

VP of Business Operations James Seaman added: “We are all very excited about the newest chapter for East2West games as we open our new WW publishing arm in the United States. Our current lineup, which will be announced shortly, is already impressive. I personally look forward to the challenges ahead and the great success we will have.”

With China once again freezing approvals on new game releases to clear a lengthy backlog from the last freeze, it seems now is the prime time for the region's developers and publishers to refocus their interests elsewhere.

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