Sega, Riot and THQ Nordic among the ESA’s six new members

Sega, Riot and THQ Nordic among the ESA’s six new members

Six more games publishers have put their hat in with the Entertainment Software Association.

Riot Games, Sega of America, THQ Nordic, Intellivision Entertainment, Natsume Inc, and Wizards of the Coast have all signed on as members of the US trade body. While three of these names are new, three more are returning after varying lengths apart.

Sega hasn’t been part of the ESA since 2015, following a troubling period for the publisher. THQ Nordic and Natsume have merely been on a short break, only leaving the trade body last year.

It'll be interesting to see if this affects the presence that these companies have at LA trade show E3 this June, which is also run by The ESA. 

"We are stronger as an industry when the most innovative video game companies come together to champion the positive impact of video games before policymakers around the country," said ESA acting president and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis.

"We look forward to working with our expanding membership to leverage their support of a unified industry that shares ideas, engages with policymakers, and nurtures the next generation of creators."

For those not in the know. The Entertainment Software Association is the American video games trade body. While there's a perception that it serves the US games industry, in reality, it serves the interests of its members. This means that while there are moments when it appears to be on the right side of history - such as being one of the organisations supporting net neutrality or meeting with US president Donald Trump to discuss the role of video games in gun violence.

But there are also times when it is blindly acting in the interests of its members, including the organisation iterating time and time again that loot boxes are not gambling, that video games are not addictive, alongside trade bodies from around the globe, or that unionisation isn't a "significant issue" for game workers

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