Games Workshop looking to fix perception of Warhammer IP adaptations

Games Workshop looking to fix perception of Warhammer IP adaptations

The billion-dollar company behind the Warhammer and Warhammer 40k IPs Games Workshop is looking to change its public perception in the games space.

That's according to PCGamesN, who spoke to the director of the forthcoming Chaosbane at Eko Software Jean-Georges Levieux. The studio found it easy to get its hands on the IP, but apparently, Games Workshop has a high bar for quality these days.

“I think the harder part was to convince them that we could do a good game," Levieux said.

"I think they are aware that they have done some not very good games."

He continued: “They are trying to change this. They are trying to find good developers to work with them and to make sure that the game we will do is good enough. So, yes, we have to prove that we can do a good game. You saw How to Survive which was a success and was helpful to convince them. But we had to present to them a game concept, a full design document explaining what we wanted to do and how we were going to do it.”

There has been a huge number - arguably too many - video games based on the Warhammer IP, but the quality of said projects has been variable at best.

This has changed recently with games including Vermintide 2 from Fatshark, which has done very, very well for itself

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