Resident Evil 2 is the series’ biggest launch on Steam so far

Resident Evil 2 is the series’ biggest launch on Steam so far

Resident Evil 2’s Steam launch was the second-best opening night in Capcom’s history on the platform.

The spooky sequel’s 2019 re-release hit shelves yesterday and quickly peaked at 55,000 concurrent players on PC overnight according to the official Steam stats page. Resident Evil 2 is currently the eighth most-active game on Steam, trailing only a little behind Team Fortress 2.

That figure’s enough to blow last year’s Resident Evil 7 out of the water, tripling peak players over the first person horror reimagining for the franchise. Resident Evil 7 didn’t fail by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s likely Capcom could be tempted to keep going down the remake route with future frights.

It’s no real surprise after a demo for Resident Evil 2 brought in 1.5 million players, proving that old-school Capcom spooks are still in style.

This success is barely a scratch when compared to Monster Hunter: World’s colossal figure. At a peak player count of 329,000 on launch, Monster Hunter: World isn’t just Campcom’s best launch - it’s the best performing Japanese game on Steam yet.

Don’t worry about running out of Resident Evil content once the credits roll on this twenty-year remake - Deadline reports that Netflix is creating an original series based on the spook ‘em up with German production and distribution company Constantin Film.

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